Preserving ideas on food: a project developed during the residential program viadellafucina-2013 di KaninchenHaus Torino.

Randomly extracted words from "Cooperation in Agriculture?" and "Report around agricultural penal colonies in Sardinia" have been laser-etched on tomatoes. The texts were written in the late nineteenth by Francesco Cirio, a pioneer of the conservation of canned food. The words are destined to fade away in a jar of cut or become unreadable as the fruit rots.

A project by Roberto dell'Orco for ilmotorediricerca e Alessandra Giannandrea.
A cura di: Bruno Barsanti.
With the collaboration of: Ragazzi di via Agliè, Marta Scanu, Allan Bay, Gelateria Popolare, Pier Luigi Bassignana. A project realised in the context of residencial program viadellafucina-2013 di KaninchenHaus Torino