A documentary about Taranto, a city in Puglia of steel and two seas, where a group of researchers, artists and architects, try to imagine a future Taranto that reverses the route, which exceeds the unacceptable present of pollution and rediscover herself.

Starting from Carrino the iron sculpture by Carrino in Piazza Fontana, the present is returned to Taranto people and the Palace Ulmo in via Duomo (abandoned historic building in the heart of the old town), becomes the device from which Matteo Fraterno (relational artist), Lorenzo Romito (Staker / ON), Giorgio de Finis and Ilmotorediricerca (multidisciplinary collective) intercept the requests and urgent needs of the territory thus developing the film structure.

Director: Nico Angiuli. Screenplay: Nico Angiuli, Roberto dell’Orco, Michele Loiacono. With: Nicola Carrino, Matteo Fraterno, Lorenzo Romito, Angelo Losasso, Aldo Scatigna, Francesco Dracca, Taranto old city's citizens. Footage: Stefano Muti. Sound: Mauro Boccuni. Music: Angelo Losasso, Francesco Dracca, Aldo Scatigna. Graphic project: Roberto dell’Orco, PiaLivia Di Tardo. A production: In Iride Sfoggio srl. Progetto memoria Apulia Film Commission