Full moon collective performance in Sankt Matthaeus graveyard, Berlin

In the full moon night of August 13 in the cemetery of St. Matthaeus in Berlin, a group of performers play the theme of transformation from man to animal and vice versa. Inspired by the tales of the Brothers Grimm who are buried here and the idea that the cemetery itself is a place of transformation, the project wanted to be a experimental 'spatial alchemy', where the time, the logo , the story and the participants were the elements in play.

In collaboration with EFEU e.v. with Roberto dell’Orco, Alessandro Guagno, Jule Flierl, Gerhard Moses Hess, Kunle Kuforiji, Harald Pittel, Silvio Talamo. Thanks Christiane Frettlöh, Raina Gielge and Ludger Wekenborg.