Inside the male prison Borgo San Nicola of in Lecce, in the men's section was established the Giardino Radicale (Radical Garden) is a series of workshops held by ilmotorediricera and Maurizio Buttazzo with the prisoners.

During the year 2014-2015 inside the male prison Borgo San Nicola in Lecce has been established a workshop about participation and design of the common spaces of the male section R2.

More than 40 inmates prisoners collaborated with artists and designers in order to transform 4 common spaces of their section. They transformed together 2 common rooms used as living room and gym, a barber room, a telephone room and a shared kitchen. The rooms have been furnished with design elements made by tutors and 2 prisoners. They worked together outside the prison, with special permissions for the prisoners. The proposed activities aimed to promote relationships and bonds among individuals, by supporting the distinctiveness of everyone and the opportunities for exchange of knowledges and skills.

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Giardino Radicale
Curated by Francesca Marconi
Coordination Paola Leone
Artist and Designer in residence Maurizio Buttazzo and Roberto dell'Orco
Institutional commnication Alessandra Lupo and Mariangela Schito
Supported by Fondazione con il Sud and Manifatture Knos

Photo credits: Yacine Benseddik