A fish shop that collects stories of people by the name of fish, Bari

"Che pesci prendereā€ is a project realized for amarelarte 2011. A temporarily unused fish shop during the two months biological rest of the fishing activities in the Adriatric sea, is reactivated as a device that collects stories of people who have the last name as the name of fish: Adele Dentice (Snapper) with the book "Denied Sea"; Vito Sardella (Pilchard), officer of the Harbour; Peter Whale and his international shipments by sea, Ulderico Pesce (Fish), actor and theater director, who told us about his "Fish Stories", turning the fish-shop in a scenic backdrop.

With: Roberto dell'Orco, Pia Livia di Tardo, Domenico Fraterno, Matteo Fraterno, Michele Loiacono. Production: amarelarte 2011 Grazie a: Giuseppe e Giovanni Pupillo, Fabrizio Bellomo e Bruno Barsanti, Benito, Walter Dell'Orco, Arturo Cucciolla.