The magazine "Albania 1e1000" issue 0 is created from a series of interviews and conversations with the locals. They are conducted by ilmotorediricerca with an association called "Mergimtari" in Turin. Albania is a small country, a lot of people from its neighboring countries don't know very well its history, geography and culture. The bilingual magazine shows the shapes of Albania. The solid-void space created by the graphic and texts symbolizes the identities of Albanian communities in Turin. The magazine production process intends to create possible space for mediation and intercultural dialogues. The part of Albania on the unfolded magazine is detachable, allowing the reader to take away Albania and imagine the absence from the negative form. This magazine, the issue 0, is created for both Albanians and Italian, and is the network between these two countries.

In collaboration with ass. Mergimtari. Albania 1e1000: Riccardo Albani, Imelda Ali, Nico Angiuli, Saimir Baci, Ilir Butka, Roberto dell'Orco, Pia Livia Di Tardo, Matteo Fraterno, Marco Gigliotti, Joana Gjinaj, Irene Guida, Dafina Ikonomi, Ergys Kastrati, Aurora Kokici, Michele Loiacono, Antonella Marino, Edit Mihali, Lirien Mihali, Tome Muslia, Aldi Pupuleku, Luigi Quaranta, Elona Sako, Ilir Shaholli, Albana Temali, Piero Vereni, Valentina Vetturi.
ith the participation of: Artegiovani, Ass. Barriera, Besa editore, Davide Barletti, Pandi Belo, Aksinja Gioia, Raffaele Gorgoni, Eilis Cranitch, Piro Misha, Heldi Pema, Kastriot Ramollari, padre Tomas Samaraj, Filomena Vicchio.