ilmotorediricerca was established in 2008 as a multidisciplinary collective with Matteo Fraterno, Michele Loiacono, Nico Angiuli, Mary Zygouri and Roberto dell'Orco.
Their love to Balkan area linked them together in this collective. Works of Ilmotorediricerca include “Albania 1e1000” (2008), a magazine design project with the community involvements in Albania and Italy; “ΑΔΕΛΦΙΑ-Fratelli” (2009), a research, performance and video project about the brother de Chirico (Alberto Savino and Giorgio de Chirico), shot on the train-track of Pelio train in Greece; and “Oda” (2009), an installation project that transformed an abandoned hut in Tirana, Albania into a public space. The italian name ilmotorediricerca mean search engine, a physical one instead of virtual.

As a real search engine, a physical one and not just virtual, It explores the contemporary urban territories, and marginal areas in geography and history, reveals ing new perspectives through the reactivations of memories and collective imaginations. In “Che pesci prendere” (2011), ilmotorediricerca transformed opened a temporarily-closed fish market which collected to a gathering space to collect stories of from people with the name of fish, who has an italian surname related to fish. The closed fish market was reactivated by the people's memories. In 2009, it ilmotorediricerca became a cultural association focusing on relational art and public art projects. In “Giardino Radicale” (2014) worked with prisoners to redesigned the interior space of the common areas of in a prison; Ilmotorediricerca employs a method of collaborative work: every project is the a result of collaborations between different parties. The project interweaves among site, context and design processes, triggers exchanges, networks and knowledge.